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Thai artist Chawakarn Khongprasert created this amazing Star Wars as Medieval Manuscript series.

Storm trooper chair.

The Stormtrooper deck chair and other geek furniture - I'm thinking I could modify the Adirondack chair pattern.

Star Wars

Animated Style Star Wars // by hahuyhoang aka Splendi Driver

love these star wars sugar skulls

Dia De Los Muertos Star Wars (Day of the dead Star Wars for anyone who doesn't speak Spanish.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi cover art for Star Wars: Legacy Claws of the Dragon, Part 3 - by Travis Charest

New way to see  Star Wars' stars.

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations by Nick Agin --> "Councilman Yoda"

Guerre Stellari (1977)

A Treasury of Rare and Weird Star Wars Posters From Around the World: A New Hope, Italy, by Michelangelo Papuzza

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