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The Electric Vehicle Co. introduced electric cabs to New York City in 1896, and by 1899 the city had more than 60 of them. The cars were intended to fix the significant waste problem from horse-drawn carriages. Cab companies didn’t believe there was a market for personal cars because it would require knowledge of electricity, but consumers did end up purchasing their own because of how easy they were to use.

Electric cabs in Manhattan. These and similar electric cabs briefly dominated New York's automobile industry in the

1896 Roberts Electric Stanhope- C. E. Roberts of Chicago Steel Screw Co. was an inventor that created this automobile make. This cas has two 2-hp motors directly driving the rear axles. The leather-lined brakes were inside the motor housings. The Stanhope body style was marked by a single bench seat in the middle of the body....not also, the tiller steering. This car gets the same mileage off it's batteries as the Chevy Volt if not the speed!

Specs of a Roberts Electric

Detroit Electric Vehicle c1921 poster print by DigitalTraveler, $26.99

Green Car: 1921 "Detroit Electric car at the State, War and Navy building in Washington.

World’s First International Electric Vehicle Museum Opens in Arizona | EV News ReportEV News Report

World’s First International Electric Vehicle Museum Opens in Arizona

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Building an electric car isn't easy, and even the best have to struggle with concerns about weight, cost, and range.