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"I'm an attractive, well educated, classy, and honest woman... who farts, pees in the shower, forgets to brush, and wears the same bra at least 10 times before I wash it."
Om de onderstaande illustraties van Sarah Andersen te begrijpen moet je een meisje zijn. Of een jongen met veel inlevingsvermogen. Sarah weet typische vrouwen issues namelijk op komische wijze te illustreren. En ze zijn allemaal waar! Bekijk ook: 15 illustraties waar vrijgezelle vrouwen zich in zullen herkennen
A well read woman
"Love it on Christmas Day  when a label on a present says "From Mom and Dad" and you just know that dad has absolutely no idea what's inside, so you watch his reaction as well when you open it"
My entire life can be summed up in one sentence: Well, that didn't go as planned. Darynda Jones Quotes, pinterest, nederland, suusjesworld, life quotes
Correction: guys in manga and anime are better than guys in real life. Lol
Love is not having to hold your farts in anymore." Description from I searched for this on
When you see someone wearing camouflage be sure to run into them so they know it's working.
"Saw a boy pick a flower for this girl and put it in her hair, how sweet. If only they knew my dog had just peed on it "
that mother O_O
Kunst aan de muur voor vrouwen  zijn soort door RoseHillDesignStudio
The Kind of Woman Print  Furstenberg Quote  DVF  door prettychicsf