harry potter, emma watson, and daniel radcliffe afbeelding

emma charlotte duerre watson (hermione jean granger) / daniel jacob radcliffe (harry james potter)- I want to be taller too but that'll never happen :'(

"He must have known I'd want to leave you." "No, he must have known you would always want to come back."

Harry and Ron always have been and always will be partners in crime 😎

Allll to points to Dumbledore.

Absolutely LOVE this! Dumbledore: "It does no good to dwell on dreams." Stephanie Meyer: "The idea for Twilight came to me in a dream." Dumbledore has spoken.

Professor McGonagall, pretty much one of my favorite characters of all time.

Professor McGonagall and Neville Longbottom - Harry Potter - Boom!

Main characters <3

Listen up. Neville isn't just the boy who almost was. He is the boy who led a rebellion. He rose above and nobody ever thought he'd be on the forefront of battle. Neville fucking Longbottom is why Harry had an army to go back to

Potter Frenchy Party - Une fête chez Harry Potter

According to JK Rowling, the last thing Hermione was supposed to say was Ron's hair. <--- Who wouldn't smell Ron's hair?

i have never watched harry potter but i am a Emma watsan fan She is so cute:)

Emma Watson on Hermione's hair in the first film.

harry potter - minerva mcgonagall

Minerva McGonagall, queen of sass << Maggie Smith is awesome. I love McGonagall. And I despise Umbridge because she is like the Harry Potter version of Common Core!

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"Once you reach your year in Hogwarts, you start to get used to all the shit." Draco Malfoy Year 1 and Year 6

Helena and Daniel growing up :D

hehehe i love her! fave actress~ im so happy she was in the harry potter films! its like a reason to love her even more!