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Sally Mann - Candy cigarette - 1989 is that a kid on stilts in the background? And I remember getting a spanking for buying that candy as a kid.

There's now scientific evidence that suggests kids spending time with their grandparents is good for their health.

How spending time with grandkids can help grandparents stay healthy, happy, and sharp.

Giant Bubble Wand

Summer Project -- Make Giant Bubbles!

My best recipe for industrial strength, un-poppable giant bubbles: Mix 6 cups water with 1 cup corn syrup and 2 cups regular strength Joy dish soap. Have fun with this in a park and draw a crowd!

such a sad picture

"ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES but this photo sort of makes me want to cry >-( Only kindness matters).and I couldn't agree more!

i dont skateboard. But i take pictures. That makes it qualify for my I AM board right? I know people who skateboard. I AM an observer of skateboarding.

bańki mydlane na wesele slub

bańki mydlane na wesele slub


These two must be sisters, they look so much alike - how beautiful they are and how much joy they share. like me and my sisters. family is the closest thing to yourself. with whom can you be more happy and relaxed with.

E1nemxO.jpg (500×750)

Photos by Christophe Jacrot - ‘Hong-kong in the rain' L'enlèvement: cm 12 ex / cm 12 ex

Drugstore, Detroit, 1955, © Robert Frank, from The Americans

Robert Frank, _Drug store, Detroit_1955, DIA No. 1999.71

History 101 with Davinci the Detroit dog; Drugstore soda fountain, Detroit, 1955 Photo by Robert Frank

The new study discovered that life satisfaction increases as people grow older. The Good News!

Forget grumpy old men: Study discovers that age BRINGS happiness (but it matters when you were born)

Researchers at Florida State University College of Medicine discovered that people become more satisfied with life as they grow older but that being born in times of hardship can have long-term consequences.

Julien Oncete :: Dutch Angels, 2013 [taken at International Theater Festival, Sibiu, Romania, 2013]

Dutch Angels', possibly from a production of Luigi Pirandello’s ‘Diana e la Tuda’, (written Photo by Julien Oncete