Nothing so dear as a little girl and her chook ♥

I think this is pretty wonderful that a little girl from this era would have parents allowing her photo (rare in those days) and be allowed to have her pet chicken in it, too! She's darling and could care less about her part in the picture.

Little girl with her doll in the 1940's

Little girl with her doll in the I think this photo dates to earlier than The little girl's outfit is more and her doll is German definitly from the early . (This doll was not made after

Picture Perfect  EDWARDIAN Photograph 1912 Eight Beautiful Sisters

A portrait of a Mother and her seven daughters don't often see people in these old photos that are beautiful by modern standards. These girls are unusually beautiful. Hard to guess which one is the mother.

looks like my sister...Magic Moonlight Free Images: Just too Cute ! Enjoy! Free images for you!

looks like my sister.Magic Moonlight Free Images: Just too Cute ! Free images for you!

девочка с лошадкой

Vintage Rocking Horse ~ Love the look on the little girls face! Rocking horse isn't bad either!