Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pen sketches

Eyes are the best to draw! they are really fun to draw and this artist achieved a sense of originality. Love it!

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pretty amazing

☆ Beautiful Eye of Death by Artist Andrea Benge. Inspired by the M.Escher piece Eye of Death ☆


Dazel Todd Sketch of eye tutorial, drawing tips. This will help you draw.remember that drawing is looking.

Good way to practice drawing eyes and making them proportionate

One thing about me is that I LOVE art. I love drawing Realistic Eyes. They're so beautiful to me. Drawing eyes are something I'm good at and its the best thing I can draw.

How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes. At the end of the guide on eyes it shows how to draw lips, hair, & a nose.


Color pencil drawing that really has a nice contrast in color. The reflections off the eye and tear are extremely realistic Week 6