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Pitbull Flower Power: La campaña que intenta demostrar que los Pitbull son tiernos!


Pitbull with a smile

10 Surprisingly Believable Bits of Malarkey

"in the they blamed Dobermans, in the they blamed German Shepherds, in the they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull." WHEN WILL THEY BLAME THE HUMANS? cute pit bull puppy and quote from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

Time for a quick drink at the fountain. Bowls are too mainstream ;

Fat Albert . I love those chubby cheeks

Please vote for Fat Albert! I mean look at that face, he was BORN to be a star, a STAR I tell ya! And if you look real close his tag says "I'm adopted!

I got a rose for you ~Pitbulls, bad owners, NOT bad dogs !!! ~barb

Pit Bull Características - saiba tudo sobre essa raça!

Sweet pitbull Stop the discrimination against this breed! They are so loving and sweet, like any other dog, as long as they are raised right.