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Week 4: Co-Creating | Overview | 15.S23x Courseware | edX

Week 4: Co-Creating | Overview | 15.S23x Courseware | edX

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Hand drawn image of someone moving from contemplation to action. Embedded text: Step Out of the Bubble into New Worlds, to connect and empathize with others

otto scharmer asks: What are YOU going to do? Are you unintentionally becoming part of the amplifying-chaos-and-confusion machine? Or are you willing to rise, to face reality with curiosity, compassion, and courage whatever it takes—while keeping your eye on the future that you believe wants to emerge? An excerpt of the very informative and inspiring article. Read the full article here: https://plus.google.com/+AdelheidHornlein/posts/UM8XdqGGWD6

Donald Trump is to democracy what 2008 was to capitalism: a profound wake-up call reminding us that the system is broken and in urgent need of an “upgrad.


The Practice Model for Scribing results from 20 years of collaborative efforts and framework integration, with many dear colleagues along the way. Here is a breakdown: The Iceberg The iceberg model.

Stillness | Seven Sources for Revolutionizing Learning | 15.S23x Courseware | edX

Drawing of a person sitting in meditation. Text below the person says: Slow Down, Find Stillness, Connect with Source; Enter the Field of the Emerging Future.