Gallery of Shoji Screen House / Yoshiaki Yamashita - 3

Gallery of Shoji Screen House / Yoshiaki Yamashita - 3

Image 3 of 38 from gallery of Shoji Screen House / Yoshiaki Yamashita. Photograph by Eiji Tomita

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Shoji Screen House by Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates

Plywood House by Simon Astridge |

Plywood House by Simon Astridge

Image 22 of 32 from gallery of Plywood House / Simon Astridge. Photograph by Nicholas Worley

Corporate Office (

Offices Log Homes Design - Bedroom Great home-office idea Concept Office “Attic” by Vasiliy Butenko black and white workspace

wood + concrete

Inspired to create a home to be experienced by all five senses, the Beaumont concrete house evolved as an exploration project. The design, understated, is situated in a mixed use neighborhood where residential duplexes coexist with small to midsize.

Fantastische Welten

Charles Moore House, Opium Den - How do unique and layering forms make a Place? Is it the fact that it is not a standard "universal" box? Do the changing levels and layers make it more habitable and give the occupant a greater connection to the space?

Image 12 of 21 from gallery of Garden Tree House / Hironaka Ogawa & Associates. Courtesy of Hironaka Ogawa & Associates

c29 / Optimist - Optical Shop- Architecture 314 - Greece

Athens-based 314 Architecture Studio has converted a listed building in Chalkida, Greece, into an eyewear store, pairing mirrored furniture with white surfaces. The studio, founded by Pavlos Chatziangelidis in based the design for the optometris

Das hier ist ein gemütliches Haus in Norwegen. Die Architekten von Reiulf Ramstad Architects haben sich ein V-förmiges Haus ausgedacht, das sich schön in die Umgebung einfügt. Im Winter kann man hier skifahren und im Sommer wandern. Das Haus bietet Platz f

This pine-clad lodge by Oslo-based studio Reiulf Ramstad Architects has two glazed gables and V-shaped plan that adapts to the mountainous terrain.