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Dipper- Gravity Falls by patagnia.deviantart.com on @deviantART I'm going to use this on someone annoying.

Dipper, from m Gravity Falls

Bill Cipher Gravity Falls

You're Playing With Fire, Kiddo

Here, my poster to the new Gravity Falls episode "Dreamscaperers".~ Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch Art©Me You are playing with fire, kiddo.

△ Gravity Falls- Bill Cipher △                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

△ Gravity Falls ((open roleplay))- Bill Cipher △ i smirked and appered (your house) "hey sweetcheeks" sticks out my tongue to the boy

The following is a list of cryptograms from Gravity Falls. There is a cryptogram during the credits of each episode. They use Caesar ciphers, Atbash ciphers, the A1Z26 cipher, and keyed Vigenère ciphers. Episodes 1-6 use the Caesar cipher, episodes 7-13 use the Atbash cipher, episodes 14-19 use the A1Z26 cipher, episode 20 uses a combined cipher (a combination of the A1Z26, Atbash, and Caesar ciphers), episodes 21-40 use the keyed Vigenère cipher. There is also a complicated combined…

List of cryptograms

Gravity Falls: Break the Code!<<Not only do I know this code, but I have memorized it and can write almost fluently.

Comic strip - Bill Cipher wake up by TheCreatorsEye.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Well I wondered how Bill would sleep since he's y'know a triangle lol. Comic strip - Bill Cipher wake up

Weirdmageddon | Tumblr This is like some freaky Pokemon evolution!

Gravity Falls ended ಥ_ಥ I’m so sad, but the ending was great and Alex Hirsch is a genius. I LOOOOOOOOOVE some of Bill’s designs and how messed up and terrifying he can get so I just finished an art.