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Blog post about how my quest for a new teaching position unexpectedly landed me in front of a ridiculous large panel committee

Sometimes,I use big words I don’t always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis.

...I really do Miss Bob Ross a truly sweet human~

Bob Ross "Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now.

Inside joke for my family - I think we should all wear these shirts if we ever go visit my sister, Andrea.

I’m Fine. No Really, I’ll live. Ok, so maybe not. Whether you want to feign a zombie attack or just get some crazy stares, the I’m Fine. shirt will do it fore you. And did we mention the best part? The blood wraps around to the back of the shirt!

Another one for the mindless atheist sluts who need a safe space when someone makes fun of them.

This is PRECISELY how I feel about my MBA homework tonight and the net present value calculations for Vioxx ...

fuck this shit ill be a stripper.I have thought this several time during nursing school!

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