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Marina Abramović & ULAY, Still from "Rest Energy" (1980), 16mm film transferred to video (color, sound), 4:07 min.

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Abramovic and Ulay .for a thriller of a piece called “Rest Energy” they faced each other and together held a large bow and arrow. Abramovic grasped the bow while Mr. Laysiepen pulled the string taut, aiming the arrow at her heart.

how to hang a warhol - Marina Abramović and ULAY - Rest Energy, 1980 “In.

L’amore? Non so. Se include tutto, anche le contraddizioni e i superamenti di sé stessi, le aberrazioni e l’indicibile, allora sì, vada per l’amore. Altrimenti, no.”  [..]

Frida Kahlo – L’amore? Non so.

Frida Kahlo after an operation, 1946 (photo taken by Antonio Kahlo) artist

Ulay & Marina Abramović 'Imponderabilia' 1977

“ In Imponderabilia Serbian artist Marina Abramovic and Ulay collaborate to create a performance piece in which they, completely nude, flank the entrance to the Galleria Communale d’Arte.

Marina Abramovic is a legendary performance artist, born in Belgrade in 1946. She began performing in Yugoslavia in the early 1970s, and has continued to astound audiences around the world. She met fellow performance artist Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen) in 1976, and the two collaborated artistically as well as romantically.

Marina Abramovic, Rest Energy with Ulay, 1980 Watched ‘The Artist is Present’ for the first time last night. What an amazing woman.

Maria Abramovic-"The Artist is Present" at the Museum of Modern Art, May 2010

The Artist is Present van Marina Abramovic krijgt een 'vervolg' - Kunstbeeld

Untitled (Blood and Feathers), 1974 by Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta: in pictures

Raquelin Mendieta remembers her sister and the indelible mark she left on art.

Tatsumi Hijikata (土方 巽, Hijikata Tatsumi, March 9, 1928 - January 21, 1986) was a Japanese choreographer, and the founder of a genre of dance performance art called Butoh. S)

Butoh Dance: "Not thinking, only soul"

Kazuo Ohno was a Japanese dancer who became a guru and inspirational figure in the dance form known as Butoh.