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Alpine Decorative Outdoor Gnome Bird Feeder

Alpine Decorative Outdoor Gnome Bird Feeder (Gnome Bird Feeder), Green (Plastic), Outdoor Décor

Solar Snow Woman Bird Feeder. Be happy about snow.  Our delightful solar snow woman bird feeder will care for your birds in all weather, while lighting up the feeder at night.  It holds black oil sunflower seeds fed thru its metal mesh sides.   Hang this snowy woman all year and enjoy the snow and your birds.  Also see our Snowman bird feeder and solar snowman bird feeder.

Solar Snow Woman Bird Feeder

The NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder, complete with a red hat and scarf, is high quality and long lasting. Invite your feathered friends to feast in your yard with this eye-catching and whimsical bird feeder.

Good Directions Enchanted Snail - Bird Feeder

Another great find on Bronze Enchanted Snail Bird Feeder by Good Directions

Good Directions Enchanted Rabbit Ruby Red Bird Feeder - JacobsOutdoor

Good Directions Enchanted Rabbit Ruby Red Bird Feeder - JacobsOutdoor

We offer the items your looking for like 15" Tall Bear Statue with Bird Feeder

Bear Statue with Birdfeeder. Add color, spice and life to your outdoors with this adorable bear statuary. Each has its own playful personality and is sure to bring a fanciful feel to any yard, garden or deck.

Orchard Oriole Bird Feeder

Product Description: Expect happy guests to fly in for the feast served in this lovely hand-blown glass bowl feeder. Striking perfect harmony between the strength of the metal framework and the delicate beauty of the red and yellow glass serving dish,

Heart Peanut Bird Feeder. This red heart shaped bird feeder holds peanuts in the shell. It is pleasing to the eye as well as to the birds. Large birds love the large peanuts. You can also fill it with suet balls.

Attract jays, woodpeckers and other peanut loving birds. Decorate with a bow for the holiday season. Includes a large hook for hanging. Can also be used for feeding suet balls.