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Pied or Badger Bat, Niumbaha superba: a rare species of ves-per bat & the only species in the genus Niumbaha. Following a 2013 capture in S Sudan, only the 5th recorded capture of the species, the pied bat was determined to be of a new genus entirely. Threatened by habitat loss. Wikipedia

The pied bat (Niumbaha superba), or badger bat, is a rare species of vesper bat in the Vespertilionidae family. It is the only species in the genus Niumbaha.


Please let me rescue a bat Lord,I've saved about eve.rything else,but how I adore bats.

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Little red flying fox -This species of flying fox hangs in a different way from other mainland species. The larger species tend to hang an arm's length apart; however, the little reds tend to clump together

Fruit Bat

his is a dog-faced fruit bat. ("I was given the rare and fascinating experience of stepping into some of the bat cages at Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Just me, my camera, and 160 live bats.

Greater spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus hastatus)

Greater spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus hastatus) Many thanks to Dina Dechmann for sending me this cute photo! The greater spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus.

Cute lil' baby bat

I am also liking the idea of a baby fruit bat clinging to my arm in this sort of…

Cute Pet Baby Flying Fox Bat

Bat World Sanctuary - I love God's creatures but have a special passion for bats - the underdogs. I have handled them as part of a research program and they are my friends.

How's it hanging?  The Occasional Bat

Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox (Golden-Capped Fruit Bat) - Acerodon jubatus - This megabat of the family Pteropodidae is rare and one of the largest bats in the world. It has a weight of lb kg) and a wingspan of m)