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Their Majesties the Emperor (Akihito) and Empress (Michiko) of Japan

The Emperor and Empress of Japan sporting the insignia of various Japanese orders, including the Order of the Chrysanthemum, the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, and the Order of the Precious Crown.

Princess Masako of Japan

Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako wedding at the Imperial Palace in A commoner educated at Oxford and Harvard, Masako Owada was on the fast track at Japan's foreign ministry when she was identified as the future wife of the prince


Emperor Of Japan greeting the public at the Imperial Palace

Their Majesties The Emperor (Akihito) and Empress (Michiko)  at their wedding in 1959.

Wedding portrait of Their Imperial Majesties The Emperor Akihito and The Empress Michiko, 1959

Emperatriz Kojun vistiendo un junihitoe dedicado a la coronación del emperador en 1926

As Empress Kōjun from 1926 to she was the longest lived empress consort in Japanese history.

família real japonesa, white tie (fraque)

Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Crown Prince Akihito, Crown Princess Michiko and Empress Nagako, 1959

Japanese Emperor Akihito

Ceremony of Accession, Japan --- The kimono and the color that only the Emperor is allowed to wear.