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Nina Leen—Time & Life Pictures/Getty ImagesTeenagers at a party in 1947 in Tulsa, Oklahoma; LIFE reported that they "munch doughnuts and sip cokes whenever they are not dancing with serious faces to sentimental music.

Contestants in a 1930's dance marathon having the time of their lives.

Last four couples standing in a Chicago dance marathon, ca. Dance marathons started as a popular fad in the and when organized dance endurance contests attracted people to compete to achieve fame or win monetary prizes.

1950s hair dating guide. Good to know.

Life Magazine is one of the most popular and longest running magazines. In Life Magazine wrote about what different hairdos mean about a girl’s relationship status. Bows were a big part of their hairdo.

V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress on Victory over Japan Day in Times Square, New York City, on August 14, 1945. - I want to re-enact this one day!

American Sailor Kissing a Nurse V-J Day in Times Square: August Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life magazine.one of my favorite pictures of all time.I just told my fiancé tonight that I want a huge picture of this to hang on our wall

Photograph of a female samurai warrior from the late 1800's.

30 Badass Women That Changed The World We Live In Today -- One Of The Onna-Bugeisha, Female Samurai Warrior Of The Upper Bushi (Samurai), Class In Feudal Japan (Late

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When not wearing their bedroom slippers outside, Inez and Second Cousin Bernice, liked to stash them inside of Minnie's beehive.

The Crystal Beer Parlor offers a solid variety of craft beer on tap and a delicious menu. This is a Savannah institution that should not be missed while you're visiting!

The notorious ban on alcohol in North America sparked both outrage and a renowned speakeasy culture of underground bars and secret parties. Hence, the 1920 also became known as the Prohibition Era. Photo: protesters against the alcohol ban.