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I eat tacos over a tortilla so that way when stuff falls out--Boom! another taco!


Hoetips - 'Listen bitch, I don't live to please you.

Garden Power Tools

My Schmidt Scale

Mommy Advisory System LOL Glad to know there is at least one other mom out there that feels this way from time to time. I probably should post this on the wall for my kids and hubby!

. True

Funny pictures about When cleaning my room. Oh, and cool pics about When cleaning my room. Also, When cleaning my room.


To my future kids: You'll start off with a flip phone. I don't care if the Iphone 15 is out by then, you're gonna know the struggle<< well at least they get a flip phone


How to Organize Your Tiny Closet Like an Expert

Story of my life. Funny quote lol my room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear!

Sorry I already had plans to sit around in pajamas watching tv while stuffing my face with one of everything in my fridge just isn't an acceptable answer

Being an adult sucks cause when people ask you to hang out, you can't be like 'my mom said no'. You just have to change your name and move away - Teenager Post