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The way they look at each other

How did Twenty One Pilots become the band they are today? Josh and Tyler are on the cover of this month's Rock Sound magazine.

(open with jay. btw if you want to rp you have to message me privately) i sat on a field in the south side, i had just gotten a new tattoo on my back and it hurt to put my shirt on. i lit a cigarette and took a drag when you walk up and say...

Name: Ryker (fast strider) Age: 21 Height: From: Spain Identity: ftm pansexual (in a relationship with Panda and a girl named Amiera (princess, leader)) Eye color: hazel

Hits blunt Tyler version

twenty one pilots ;

I got: Josh Dun! Which Artist Should You Get Matching Tattoos With?

Which Artist Should You Get Matching Tattoos With?

I got: Josh Dun! This quiz was "Which artist should you get matching tattoos with? Ahhaa I am so shallow holy crap. q-q Jishwa is beautiful though.

twenty one pilots @ Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

It's a weird mix of heartbreaking and uplifting.

I'm crazy I thought it said heathens but it says heartless help Tøp is a drug

Best Frens Josh and Tyler lmao Josh's expression is hilarious

I'm Josh literally all the time, never have any clue what's going on, but just go with it.

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