Vanilla Pudding - really simple & quick to make!

Homemade vanilla pudding is rich and velvety. Once you've made this easy recipe for yourself, you'll never want the boxed stuff again.

Vanilla Pudding

From the Pastry Dungeon: Vanilla Pudding

Though many pudding recipes do not include eggs, I like yolks in my vanilla pudding for a little extra richness and color, and for that "French vanilla" flavor.

Old-Fashioned Vanilla Pudding with Crushed Strawberries

Old-Fashioned Vanilla Pudding with Crushed Strawberries- LOVE the dessert bowls too!

Homemade Vanilla Pudding. I'm going to put it in a mayonnaise jar and eat it at co-op.  Join!!!!!! LOL.

Healthy Homemade Vanilla Pudding

Homemade Vanilla Pudding by Heather Christo, via

Vanilla Pudding

1 cup milk cup sugar -¼ cup water yolks -pinch kosher salt teaspoons vanilla bean paste (or extract) -½ cup corn starch

Buh bye pudding in a box!  Scratch recipe.

My kids call it chocolate custard, after one of the desserts in the Pokey Little Puppy story. Really, it's just chocolate pudding.

Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream - This is fantastic.  Best pudding recipe hands down and so easy!!

Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream

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