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"So what did you do today?"  "Oh, you know... just the norm. Went out for lunch, walked my snake...."

burlesque dancer, zorita, walks her pet snake. I need to see if there's a picture of my Pinkerton detective aunt walking her pet prairie dog :)

Interview September Model Issue Covers. The Super Duper Models. What's Your Fav.

The Super Duper Models.

British Justice 'You get what you can pay for ' Self-styled 'Lord' Davenport is back hosting lucrative sex parties

Self-styled 'Lord' Davenport is back hosting lucrative sex parties

Despite being released from jail after a fraud conviction on grounds of ill health, 'Lord' Edward Davenport is still hosting sex parties at his central London mansion, the Mail on Sunday can reveal.


African Shop, Nigerian Traditional Wedding, Nigerian Wedding Colors: Aso-Oke Color Matching Ideas For Traditional Engagement Ceremony

Happy Birthday To My Partner in Crime & BFF Femmie!!!

By StylingAmsterdam Team wish Femmie a Happy Birthday l! I can't wait to celebrate saturday night our Birthday!

Feeling artistic but struggling to write your manifesto? Use this generator to come up with such gems as: "My work explores the relationship between gender politics and romance tourism"

Artistic Practice Licensing Authority "My work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and football chants.

On #life, #happiness and other things #children teach us image

The Seaman Mom: On life, happiness and other things children teach.