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'Without tenderness, a man is uninteresting.' - Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich, 1948 A true pioneer of modern eyebrows. Marlene was one of the first women to shape her eyebrows. Completely scandalous at the time.

Marlene Dietrich, 20ies hairstyle

Marlene Dietrich’s “verging from the norm” affair with fellow screen siren Kay Francis

Marlene Dietrich & John Wayne "große Philosophen, große Dichter haben versucht, liebe zu erklären. Wer bin ich schon, dass ich es besser könnte?!"

Marlene Dietrich & John Wayne the gentleman always has a light for a lady. or in case of emergency survival situations.

American actress and singer BeBe Daniels wearing her hair in a marcel wave. This hairstyle rose to popularity in the and was comprised of a number of deep waves around the head.

Marlene Dietrich at the annual Ball for the Foreign Press in Berlin, 1928. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Dietrich wearing tuxedo and top hat at ball for foreign press, Berlin, 1929 by Alfred Eisenstaedt * from LIFE


Marlene Dietrich with her husband, Rudolf Sieber, at a train station in Paris arriving from Hollywood, May