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Beautiful, 2001 © Miklos Gaál/WAGNER+PARTNER

Beautiful, 2001 © Miklos Gaál/WAGNER+PARTNER

unseenphotofair:  “ Galerie van der Mieden in Belgium, will be premiering work by Adam Jeppesen (an example of his work above) at Unseen Photo Fair 2014.  Adam Jeppesen currently has his second solo exhibition at Galerie van der Mieden, which runs...

From Peter Lav Gallery, Adam Jeppesen, AR-Chalten 1 Archival Inkjet print on ricepaper, 148 × 117 cm

World War I - Trenches could be hundreds of miles long, and would require constant upkeep.

Never-Before-Published Photos Show What WWI Trench Warfare Really Looked Like

WWI - French officers inspecting trenches on the Argonne front, eastern France, [reuters-odette carrez]

Monk With a Camera (2014) documentary on the life and journey of Nicholas Vreeland from photographer and playboy to Tibetan Buddhist monk--opening in NY at the Lincoln center on November 12, 2014.

Monk with a Camera - Excellent documentary re Nicky Vreeland, American Buddhist monk *and* grandson of Chief Inspector of the Fashion Police, Diana Vreeland

Here, French soldiers pose in a trench above Ablain-Saint-Nazaire on the Artois front in northern France.  Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/unpublished-photos-of-world-war-one-2014-5#ixzz32XlcdBvP

Never-Before-Published Photos Show What WWI Trench Warfare Really Looked Like

WWI, unseen images from the front An archive picture shows French troops in trenches above Ablain-Saint-Nazaire in the Artois front, northern France, in (REUTERS/Collection Odette Carrez)

Mark Scott comments on the rare photograph of scouts/snipers taken in France during the winter of 1915/16: "One photograph in particular George Hackney has described as a sentry post at Hamel - when we look at it more closely there are one or two important points we can pick out of it. There is a rifle to the left of the frame and there is a modified cheek rest attached to the butt of the rifle. This would have been used to help the shooter align his eye to a telescopic sight"

Unseen WW1 photos uncovered

British scouts and snipers gather in a trench at a sentry post in Hamel, France during World War One.

My First Dream

My First Dream

My First Dream - Diego Brambilla - Phases Magazine

Ahorn Magazine - Tereza Zelenkova and Peter Watkins - Index of Time

Ahorn Magazine Tereza Zelenkova and Peter Watkins