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Daar was ik zo gek op!

Onze Pa had altijd een rol Rang, King en Italiano in zijn jaszak.

Who can remember what these are??

There Goes a picture role in ready to develop

great vintage eraser

During the early these cubes were used to solve maths problems in Primary schools

Holly Hobbie -

Holly Hobbie-I totally loved my Holly Hobbie doll. I wanted to be Holly Hobbie.

Knikkers en een knikkerzakje (dat je zelf maakte)

Knikkeren deed e vroeger ook

Had  vroeger   wel  veel  van   die  planten   ,  kweekte   ze  zelf

Spider plants in macrame hangers---Yep---I had these hanging everywhere. Spider plants were about the only plant that survived at our house.

Bedlampje, ik had precies dezelfde!

I hhad exactly this bedside lamp, hele nachten lezen in je biebboek

oh my gosh, I still have mine, without some pages that might have been embarrassing ;)

Chinees dagboekje, dat was helemaal hip in de jaren En die had (en heb) ik…

You know you were a Flintstones fan and heard the tinkling of his toes upon seeing this!

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