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Volcano's abound...

Volcano's abound...

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Kids Investigate Volcanoes!

During the Hadean Eon volcanoes played an integral part in the formation of the Earth. Even today volcanoes play a key role in the Earth's continued renewal of itself. Children and adults alike, it seems, are fascinated by these fountains of living.

Volcanoe eruptions are one of the many natural disasters that can affect human movement. With this eruption, its caused about 5,300 people to relocate. It has also destroyed farmland and caused problems with access to food and water.

Eruption at Sinabung Intensifies

Mount Sinabung spews pyroclastic smoke as seen from Tigapancur village in Karo district on November 2013 in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. Up to residents have been evacuated from five villages in North Sumatra due to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Sinabung.

Lightning storm Let us walk in the thunderstorm

Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile. # mais # Amazing # Terra Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile.

Lightning teams up with raindrops to help transform the air into fertilizer

Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia - by this ia an awesome lightening strike.

Natural disasters - Natuur geweld

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The ending of a tornado. Somehow this looks more sinister to me than typical tornado photos, and I like tornados.

Mother nature - Moeder natuur

we don't own the pictures we post we just found that they are beautiful and we want to every body ales to see them if any one happened to own one of the pictures we post we just wanted every body to.

The bushfire crisis in Victoria isAustralia's worst-ever bushfire disaster. It's also Australia'sworst natural disaster in 110 years. Here's a list of othernatural disasters.

A bushfire burns in the Bunyip Sate Forest near the township of Tonimbuk, Victoria, Australia 07 February Authorities have issued urgent fire warnings to towns near a bushfire burning out of control east of Melbourne.

Twisting Twins / Honolulu, Hawaii

Twin Water Spouts, Honolulu, Hawaii i've seen tornados and water spouts but the water spouts are sooo beautiful

Nature is Incredibly Beautiful; Look at These 20 Mind Blowing Natural Weather Phenomena

And I can't even get ONE good lightning shot! LOL This amazing lightning composite was taken in Ikaria Island, Greece. Photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos combined 70 shots to create this image.

Hail Storm! (1/13/2014)  Nature: Storms & Tornados   (CTS)

✯ Hail Dump * This is the first time i have seen a hail cloud from the side-incredible, no ?

Famous Natural Disasters - Bing Images

12 Fascinating Images of Extreme Cold Weather Conditions - winter, freeze, polar vortex, cold, storm

Lake Geneva in Switzerland is very beautiful. Just be prepared to have your cars frozen solid during certain winter storms.