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Dog shaming

"Hello my name is Rossi, and I have a drinking problem. It's been 37 days - NO - 0 DAYS since I drank a case of juice." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Yellow Labrador, they are supposed to love WATER

"I Digged this Hole - Again.  I haz no remorse." ~ Dog Shaming shame

I Digged this Hole - Again. I haz no remorse.

I remember when my pup Tony ate one of the three wise men from the nativity. He then went back for the sheep.

Francis is Not Amused ““I decapitated the patron saint of animals – Dexter” Dexter here obviously wasn’t too pleased with… ” View Post

My granddog Dobby's pic Heidi submitted made it on the dog shaming site! LMAO!!!!

I have claimed this couch as my own. If you move my pillows, I will politely move them back, then stare at you in utter disgust.

My bassie would do the exact same thing. Absolutely no shame either!!

In a world of badly-behaved pooches, Rabbit, a Heinz 57 of a terrier, has been crowned Britain’s naughtiest dog by Country Life magazine

Enjoy the Best of Funny here via http://funnypicdump.com #humor

These things happen. And it happened at our house to Emily's pig-only it was our own dog!

Dog Shaming on Tumblr!

As I ran a bath for myself - Riggs, our 5 year old red heeler decided he would make sure that the water was ready for me. This is the after math of him jumping in my tub and running through the house. Thanks Riggs.

Let me sing you the song of my people

True if you want a husky warning they love to sing the song of there people

'Mom- I checked the mail for you. Your masters arrived!! I'm so proud of you!! Love Kerby'

I pooped, I am disgusting! Badly behaved dogs named, shamed and made to wear a sign saying just what they did wrong

'Mom- I checked the mail for you. Your masters arrived! I'm so proud of you! Love Kerby' One of my Delta Gamma sisters originally posted this, hilarious! And yay Texas State!