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Done by Jon at The Body Architects in Cape Town, South Africa Such a beautiful tattoo!

Happy Shark Week! 70 Thrilling Shark Tattoos

Tattoos have always been common on the arms, chest, back, ankles and the legs. However today men are also getting finger tattoos for various reasons. It’s up to you to decide if you want to…

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A mother daughter tattoo. Represents all the good times we've shared, and waiting for more to come. Love you mom. :) Maybe get this on our ankles though! Yes mom?

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Small and inner Wrist Tattoos, Quotes, Names and Ideas for Women and Men. Cool and cute wrist tattoos ideas for inspiration that look beautiful on your arm.

I like this, but I'd change the words...maybe have "God" where life is written. Would be a foot tattoo

filigree anchor tattoo - would replace life with family (maybe change the anchor to a shamrock?

small letters tattoo, small letters tattoo on the wrist, small I'm loving this placement!

that's a tattoo idea!

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Tattoo from an old card in memory of my Dad. Love this idea.may take a quote from a card that he had from me or one that he wrote to me. I'm doing this ASAP! Under my arm. It will say "I love you more!

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Foot Tattoo - Flower Tattoo Design For Girls RANDOM TATTOO QUOTE: The only difference between a tattooed person and a person who isn't tatt.

love this one

Bow tattoos, bow tattoos and more bow tattoos. I really like the pink ones in the second picture. More cute tattoos here: Cute Cupcake Tattoo, Bow Tattoo,