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saphira, eragon's dragon in the inheritance cycle by christopher paolin. HD Wallpaper and background photos of saphira for fans of Dragons images.

deviantART: More Like Saphira and Glaedr Flying by ~DragonRiderOmaga

deviantART: More Like Saphira and Glaedr Flying by ~DragonRiderOmaga

Roma H. - Google+

ambiguous_gender blue_eyes blue_scales dragon feral headshot horn isvoc scales smile traditional_media_(artwork) watercolor_(artwork)<<< the scales almost look like feathers:)

Thorn by TatianaMakeeva.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Rhaegon (pronounced Rhygone) the Ember, son of Balaeria the Black. Ridden by Prince Aerys Targaryen (son of King Rhaegar and Queen Lyanna Targaryen) in my fanon AU.

Akorat by ~Kyuubreon on deviantART Nice colors and a different kind of Dragon pic. A Contelation Dragon, live it


Ruth Thompson Nightshade - Dragon’s Lair RRA - Last Gencon I went to in 2005 This was her new unnamed dragon. There was a contest to name it if she chose the name you put forth you won a copy of the print.

The magnificent. I love her, though the books are not the best I ever read. Saphira is my favorite dragon and I keep rereading the series only because of her She is the most "alive" person in the v...

I'm trying to walk away from standart type dragons, looking for inspiration in real nature. I'm fascinated with fishes and reptiles, I can create most colorful and interesting dragons with their he.

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HD Wallpaper and background photos of Story Mythical Creatures for fans of The Altar of the Four Dragons images.