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Closed doors

"In life we sometimes feel that all doors are now closed for us. If that happens in your life remember a closed door is not always locked.

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act." - Pr 3:27

The famous baker: Bakerellacame up with the cutest idea for Easter, the Easter Cake Pops. I love Bakerella, she is an amazing and creative baker,.

mylawofattractionlife:  Today I close the door to the past open...

Life Quote - Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in life.

👏👏👏👏👏🙌 Well I will continue to be real no matter what.

if someone shows you their true colors, don't try to repaint them

Yep, I take in all the pain, lies and deceit, then spit them all back out like butterflies. I will not let them contaminate my soul.

10 Lessons to take away from a horrible experience

Dedicated to my friends fighting breast cancer and beating it. And the ones fighting other cancers. You are a strong warrior. You are a survivor. You are.