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Crystal waves | More inspiration on www.bella-passione.tumblr.com

Perfect Wave Join up with God through the expressions you see and feel. Commune with forces seen through the sea, clouds, trees, birds and animals within the very natural setting that they were once placed.

italian-luxury: “Wave after Wave by John Philpotts ”

Wave after wave, slowly drifting. I wish I could make it easy to love me Slowly drifting

Inner peace http://www.amazon.com/Matina-Spiropoulos/e/B00BJ8G5LA

My spirit lies amongst the ocean waves that are sunlight dripped amongst the sea when all is done and said I will come home amongst across the ocean blue where all began and started my eternal love for you



Whimsical Coastal Big Sur Wedding

Whimsical Coastal Big Sur Wedding - Once Wed

i don't like to swim but I love sitting on the beach listening to the waves and watching the ocean move.