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Aberdeen Bestiary - 12th c. Tiger (Tigris)

The Aberdeen Bestiary is a English illuminated manuscript bestiary that was first listed in 1542 in the inventory of the Old Royal Library at the Palace of

The asp is cleverly avoiding the soothing snake charmer tones by slamming one ear to the ground while sticking the end of his tail into the other ear.  The snake charmer deftly avoids the bit of the asp by keeping his shield up and a wooden stick down on the head. Aberdeen Bestiary, 12 th c.

Folio 67v - the viper, continued. De aspide; Of the asp

The asp, a snake with eviscerating venom, will put one ear to the ground and stop the other with its tail to avoid hearing the snake charmer’s spell. In most of these images, the charmer reads his.

Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764, Folio 51r [source]

Three cats do what cats do: play with mice, take an unhealthy interest in caged birds, and sleep - illumination from a medieval bestiary - Bodleian Library, MS.

El Mito del Fénix | Evangelizadoras de los apóstoles

El Mito del Fénix

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The sea becomes calm when the halcyon has laid its eggs. Illustration: This is a fictitious bird with webbed feet and a saw bill. The blue specks of the feathers derive from Aristotle's description of a kingfisher. -- The Aberdeen Bestiary