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Ravenpaw- If they knew: Joel Faviere

So I& obviously in some sort of Warrior Cats mood. First 3 comments get to decide which 3 cats to draw next! Has to be a cat from the Warrior Cats series, can be any series though except the .

This made me laugh so loudly my friend was like: hey, are u ok? STOP we are watching a show about demons ur scaring me! And then she moved across the room

Stick: Jayfeather calm downJayfeather: I! Ask The Human Warrior Cats 8

Leafpool and Crowfeather by Alex-Harrier.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Leafpool and Crowfeather! Put in box, Tape box closed, Put on FedEx, Ups, etc.

NEW RULE! Females can only have up to one litter! And don't have more than three kits in a litter; if you have more than that, it gets confusing.

Ashfoot, was Onestar's deputy, then died of greencough. (don't yell if I'm wrong).

Picture I drew of Cinderpelt... I'm so happy how it turned out. It's for the contest

Picture I drew of Cinderpelt. I'm so happy how it turned out. It's for the contest