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Image from http://www.minidonks.com/4sale/Vanillas2013Jack/Vanillas2013JackLeftRight04wa.jpg.

Myer's Meadows City Slicker (a. Slick), a black or dark brown jack with no light points at Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkey Farm

Todo lo que hace falta ver para ser feliz.

A Momma (jennet or jenny) Donkey Cuddles up to her Foal:: D awww.

Precious lil fella!

I think I just found my spirit animal. Chunky little Shetland pony with a big ole belly.

baby miniature donkey - Bing Images

baby miniature donkey- i had a baby mini donkey born today that looks exactly like this. I need suggestions on names for my baby donkey.

Poorly organized fox storage- hahaha! So sweet!

animal-factbook: “Fennec Foxes are highly social creatures with a rigid social hierarchy. When a pack of Fennec Foxes rest, they form what is often called a “Fennec Stack” with the alpha fox on the.