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blabla sheep

Blabla Doll Wooly the Sheep Large Grayce

OTTO THE ROCKER Shop here: www.babyphoria.ro

Blabla Doll Otto Large from Nasafi Grayce cute heart tattoo

blabla dolls <3 Charles the Lion, got this for baby N's nursery inspiration and his future bff

Charles the Lion, Blabla Dolls

Blabla Doll - Mini Coco The Girl $44.00

coco girl, by blabla

"Pierre likes long walks in the country and distributes letters with old stamps. He loves radish marmalade."

Pierre the Bunny - BlaBla Knit Dolls

Fournier baby knits

Oliver the Cat: wearing a striped shirt, black pants with embroidered anchors, suspenders and a bow tie baby alpaca Lovingly hand-knitted in Bolivia.

Theo the cat, our daughter just might need this.

Knit Dolls, Stuffed Dolls, Theo The Cat

Knit Dolls, Stuffed Dolls, Mermaid Toys | blabla kids

Bla Bla Dolls - Balthazar the Bunny

BlaBla-Mini Beauregard the Wolf Doll

Mini Beauregard the Wolf Doll

Beauregard the wolf Knit Dolls

Josephine Doll

Josephine Knit Doll

Buy your Josephine Knit Doll by Blabla here. The Josephine Doll is the cheery friend that your little one will fall in love with! These adorable dolls are hand-knitted in fun

Bla Bla Knit Dolls MIRABELLE THE BUNNY $44 - $56 100% Cotton, Handmade in Peru. MIRABELLE is a trapeze artist and a magician’s assistant. When she wiggles her tail, it rings like a tiny bell. - See more at: http://www.blablakids.com/Online-Shopping/knit-dolls#sthash.wuVvIIwF.dpuf

Bla Bla Dolls- Mirabelle the Bunny

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Anyone who knows me might make fun of how much I adore stuffed animals. BUT I just discovered "blabla dolls" & HOLY COW, I'm in love. And they come with seriously awesome names.

Bandit the Raccoon Blabla doll! I love these dolls but they are pricey! Best lovey for sure!

Knit Dolls bandit the racoon

@rosenberryrooms is offering $20 OFF your purchase! Share the news and save!  Perchance Knit Doll #rosenberryrooms

Perchance The Cat Large Blabla Doll contemporary kids toys

Blabla: Pierre Hand Knitted Bunny

Pierre the bunny - BlaBla dolls from Belle and Rollo

Splash. Yes I pinned possibly too many of these adorable creatures... but you're lucky I just pinned a few of my TOP favorites.

Splash the Cat - Knit Dolls - Blabla Kids