You could literally take Harry's legs off of his body, put them on a chick, and that chick would still have better legs than me -E

Hah Hazza darling straight guys dont typically wear short shorts but thanks for trying

The tweet that started a trend. HAHAHA

What's taking up all my attention is that rainbow Liam pic in the back,LOL

that fact that he is wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt his cheeky smile hIs SnapBack and SUNGLASSES OMG I WANT THEM

Uploaded by not @russell, but her friend. Why do people really hate her. I've seem the crap that goes on. She's been blocked an reported. Seriously she gets enough crap at school. This is where she runs away besides dance and colorguard. She's anorexic dearys. Please be nice. -Katie:)

Did the mean to scare me with the -A on the end seriously pretty little liars has ruined the letter A for me

As long as I got my suit and tie

As long as I got my suit and tie>> i just love my boys chests:)


One Direction – Kids’ Choice Awards 2012 Performance! One Direction walk the orange carpet at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March The guys - Harry…

Wow. Wowzer. Like whoa. What. Mother of pearl. -H

Like whoa. Mother of pearl.>> Who is Pearl's mother and how did pearl end up being a whale