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'Once Upon a Time' vs. 'Beauty and the Beast': A Step-by-Step Comparison of the Iconic Dances

'OUAT' Nailed this Iconic Disney Moment

Okay. After seeing this five times, I'll repin it, mainly because Lana broke my heart with her skills in this scene. Bitch. She deserves so many awards...

Regina Mills Quote [ aw, she's such a conflicted character.

Thank you for those wise words Captian Hook!

Captain Hook Killian Jones Colin O'Donoghue Once Upon a time If you take place like thanks Miriam

Fan made Rumplestiltskin movie poster

Character poster set for Once Upon A Time's Season 5 in Movie Poster Style

Belle: Just come back to me. Rumple: I always do.  HANDS DOWN THE BEST PART OF THE 100TH EPISODE!!

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It's like no other

I LOVE his laugh! It& so creepy and slimy and rumplestiltskin-y! This guy deserves a freaking grammy.

If only Emma would follow this advice in season 6 and just TELL HIM WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Colin O'Donoghue -Killian Jones - Captain Hook - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time

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