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I want this!

Charm Necklace - I remember getting these when I was a kid. We used to trade charms at recess.


had a shit ton of plastic charm necklace. I just remembered another charm I particularly loved on the necklace I had. It was a tiny notebook that opened with tiny paper inside.

WOW... I remember having these and being obsessed with these cheap a$$ charm bracelets with bells.... and now for only $252, you can own a set once again! Scary!  Even more scary is I may still have some of these somewhere. lmao

My friends and I had kaboodles of these! I loved my plastic charm necklace. Do you remember this? So much fun comparing them and trading off with friends.

I wish I had kept mine, I had quit a few of these.  I loved going to the neighborhood store to get another charm for my necklace when I was a kid!


I still have my retro charm necklace and remember trading/collecting at camp.

I didn't even remember these until I saw this pic. Now I'm wondering where mine went. Hmmm...Aw

VINTAGE 80's Plastic Bell Clip CHARM NECKLACE Loaded Retro #11

I just remembered my '80s charm necklace. Just like this, but pink. And I loved my abacus!

good ideas things I just remembered my charm necklace. Just like this, but pink. And I loved my abacus!

Charm Bracelets & Necklaces - I had SO many of these. Sometimes you'd trade 'em. I think I still have some.

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Loved my charm necklace. Remember trading charms with other girls.

Yes, I was a child of the 80's

I totally forgot about the charm necklace/bracelet. This is what our charm necklaces/bracelets used to look like