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Boho Interior Inspiration: Lace Teepee In The Backyard

Porche con banco azul de madera

Photo via El Mueble.this outdoor lounge under the straw pergola. Oh please, how gorgeous is this country sofa painted in light blue? Also love the happy patterns mix, the little seagrass pendants and the dark green shutters.


Glamping: I can just see myself sipping champagne and vodka spiked pink lemonade out of a mason jar and lounging about with my girlfriends :)

heerlijk genieten .

Setting up a boho gypsy tent on the beach. This is a perfect way to spend the day, or a weekend, on the beach.

This is a story of a place long forgotten, where once-thriving mom-and-pop stores sat vacant and neglected for decades.

Leiper's Fork Tennessee

nice little guest bedroom. Revitalization of Small Town Leipers Fork - Small Towns - Country Living