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: The Ardennes horse falls under the category of draft horses. This is a truly cold-blooded breed that is the also one of the primary draft horse.

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Gavin's beautiful Maith

Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes --you can see why these were used as war horses. Even tougher than the Friesians, the Percheron war horses could accommodate the heavier armour of the later Medieval period.

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Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque, mare and foal, gorgeous horse running in their pasture, field, black beauty.

White horse on golden path.

Pretty white horse walking down golden sunset country path. Oh so beautiful!

Blue Brabant Draft Horse  -- well I am in love...its sooooo fluffy!

Blue roan Brabant Draft Horse stallion - photography by Mark Barrett Oh God how I love Blue Roans!