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Darky Laverne Hopps on

fox-comics: Nick, you are the only present she. - "A fox and a bunny in love"


Zootopia 2016 Best of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Scenes ✫ Zootopia Judy a.

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Sailor Heroina Alicia

Artist Drachea Rannak has redesigned Disney princesses and other classic heroines in the style of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon!

“ trashasaurusrex: “ what do you mean i can’t post more The Ultimate Master AU Post (I finally did it XD hehe) Keep reading ” I love how nick and Judy aren’t confined to gender roles ”

fox-comics: “ “ andyourteeth: “ ‘Cause you are my medicine, when you’re close to me. ” Awwww this is too beautiful Katie!

Alpha Baymax

❤️Nick and Judy are my goals.Zootopia will forever be my favorite Disney movie!