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Star Wars Geneology

The sad thing is some kids won't understand why this is funny. I am your father (cassette tape to iPod!

Whatever you all call yourselves, Carnival is where friendships come to relax, recharge, and have fun. Begin your adventure at

Carnival cruise deals and cruise packages to the most popular destinations. Find great deals and specials on Caribbean, The Bahamas, Alaska, and Mexico cruises.

When it comes to vehicle makeovers, Imgur user skoodidabop  might take the cake for the best movie replica ever. He took a 1993 Ford Explorer and spent a year working turning it into a Jurassic Park tour truck. He claims it's still not done yet, but seeing it even now is almost too impressive for words!

What Started Out as a Junker Became a Jurassic Project, These 30 Pictures Prove It

Réinventer un classique

Alternative ways to play hangman. I gotta try this the next time I play hangman!

Troll physics of mine part 1. I'll post 3 more parts if this one will succeed.

Troll physics of mine part I'll post 3 more parts if this one will succeed. <---just reposting, not mine

Tómale una foto a tus contactos con su cara pegada a un vidrio, y parecerá que están dentro de tu teléfono

Trapped in the phne

Some glass, a sense of humour and a smartphone required - This is too funny. I love having funny photos of friends as their contact picture.

Brexit is over. Imagine other countries leaving all sorts of unions, what would be their names?

After Brexit, What Would Be The Campaign Names Of Other Countries If they Left All Sorts Of Unions?

Thanks to Britain leave EU campaign, now we have more than 18 campaign names for those countries want to leave EU, some of them are not even European countries.

Countryballs 'Polandball': WWII by animatedjerk

This is an illegitimate Polandball. Polandballs are supposed to be drawn freehand. Also, Polandball itself should be upside-down.

American Fears ( USA, Canada, Switzerland ) by Spacetime Inspector  #polandball #countryball

American Fears ( USA, Canada, Switzerland ) by Spacetime Inspector

Your Ecards / Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

Your Ecards / Image Gallery

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanks to the teachers who instilled in me such a love of English that I'm perpetually mortified when reading the Internet. I was so blessed to have outstanding English teachers!

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