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I have never had a whole bath without someone knocking on the door asking me if I'm o.k. I used to hate it. Now, I just know I'm loved!

Can't lock the bathroom door. If I drop the bottle of shampoo everyone comes running it unless I yell "I'm ok"

It left me in a depressed mood for a week after one of my young cousins saw me have one for the first time in her life.

Epilepsy Problems / Epilepsy Awareness only a few people outside my immediate family have seen it and they don't look at me the same

Epilepsy Problems / Epilepsy Awareness

I have been seizure free for almost a year and a half but that fear is still there, but i dont let it he my anchor from continuing to live my life day by day cherishing it, because thats all i can do.


Epilepsy Problems / Epilepsy Awareness -- trouble with thought processing. Always makes me feel totally inadequate :(

Or being unable to convince others it's okay to keep you home because you're seizing and they didn't expect it

Epilepsy Problems / Epilepsy Awareness and those around you thinking any little thing means er when you know it's not that time

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Yes-and everyones always like: why are you never there? Well something called epilepsy kinda stopped me.