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Jars Ceramics in Provence, South of France, combines traditional hand craftsmanship with modern design to create unique work-of-art tableware. I’m loving the warm colors and textural details of their simple, functional but elegant ceramic collection.

purchase an assortment of dining plates from garage sale, store, or thrift store to use as reception plates.

Naoto Fukasawa made of Corian

Naoto Fukasawa Vertigo Trays - The candour of Corian, reduction of form, unusual nesting: these are the two trays for bowls Vertigo and Vertigo Round by Naoto Fukasawa, full of poetry and spirituality.

여심 유혹, 매력적인 미니멀리즘 접시 디자인 :: 디자인로그(DESIGN LOG)

여심 유혹, 매력적인 미니멀리즘 접시 디자인 :: 디자인로그(DESIGN LOG)

.pick a number, any number...cute gift to commemorate someone's special "number"

It would make my ocd heart happy to have these on my table in numeric order.

24 Elegant Ceramic Decorations Showcasing Delicacy

Porcelain Stoneware by Dietlind Wolf: seen in elle deco france April 2013 © Nathalie Carnet

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