Downton Cast. I didn't even recognize Miss O'Brian! She looks so pretty out of character!

Downton Abbey season 1 cast celebrating their RADIO TIMES cover. Haha I love Williams face in this!

...triste pour toujours.

"I would never be happy with anyone else as long as you walked the earth" best quote ever. And know he doesn't walk the Earth. It makes this quote that much more beautiful.

Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley y Tom Branson: chófer. Es irlandés. Se enamora de Sybil, con quien se casa y tiene una hija.

Downton Abbey's Matthew Crawley & Tom Branson brothers-in-law married to the Crawley sisters

Downton Abbey is where it’s at…

Ooh, a Downton Abbey burn from the one and only Maggie Smith (aka the Dowager Countess)!