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Price William. He was the poster in my room growing up. I even wrote him a love letter once. ah, young love. ;)

We're Celebrating Prince William's 30th Birthday With His 30 Hottest Moments Ever

Prince William In St Salvators Quad At St Andrews University Where He Is A Student. The Prince Is In The Last Year Of His Four-year Course At The Scottish University.

When Will Smith see's Allan again❤

When Will Smith see's Allan again❤ I absolutely love the fact that he remembers the cameraman from Fresh Prince, my heart

I don't care what we do, I don't care pretty baby, just take me with you <3

54 Pictures of Prince Gazing Deep into Your Soul

Little Prince George

Prince George's Father's Day With Prince William at Polo Match: Pics

A true icon, Prince will be remembered as much for his unique personal style as his amazing music.