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1930 KJ Henderson Streamline

View the picture 'Art Deco Autos' from the photo gallery 'Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles' on Yahoo News. Collection of Frank Westfall.

Norman Bel Geddes: Motor Car No. 9 AROUND 1933 NO TAIL FIN

Streamline Dreamer

Streamline Dreamer - Norman Bel Geddes: Motor Car No. 9 (without tail fin), ca.

Holodeck: AMERICAN STREAMLINE DESIGN Henderson motorcycle

Henderson, Model KJ - Custom Streamline Motorcycle is a Work of Art

Well designed tricycle

Not quite a vintage van, but a beautiful vintage bicycle instead: Green Art Deco/Streamline tricycle (uploaded by Retroworx)

1930s ,Raymond Loewy, Greyhound Bicycle - Bring it back as an electric bike?

Radio Flyer My First Big Flyer with Lights & Sounds

Prototype electric bicycle displayed at the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition, 1946


For the TV series TRON: Uprising, a new light cycle design was created. It is distinct from any.

Lusse1941 Bumper Car White Green fr

Brings back memories of Fun Fair center on Bayview in Lauderdale- Bumper Car. I have always wanted one of these in my living room for decor!

1930 Henderson

1930 Henderson

Lazareth Auto Moto Wazuma V12

Lazareth Auto Moto: Wazuma V12/Twingo V8

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Moto deco 1930. I hate motorcycles but this is gorgeous

Henderson KJ Streamline 1930 Collection of Frank Westfall Photograph © 2013 Peter Harholdt

Wow! Retro-future design by the Highway Aircraft Corporation in Sidney, NE. It was never put into production.

Fascination Car 1955 was the brain child of Paul M. Lewis, of the Highway Aircraft Corporation

This Car for the Handicapped Accommodates Drivers with Disabilities

Wheelchair-Friendly Coupes

This project is about a three-wheeled car for handicapped people or senior citizen with limited mobility. The basic dimensions of the vehicle are (W) x