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YOI meets OHSHC - Victor Nikifrov meets Tamaki Suoh and Yuri Katsuki meets Haruhi Fujioka<<< yeah but Victor's little happy heart face is so much cuter

Kiss kiss fall in Love

Kiss kiss fall in Love not hug hug fall in love even though I don't ship them

Tamaki x haruhi

not to mention the characters behind them lol! :D ~Ouran High School Host Club

Pray to all those people of the OHSHC fandom. And pray to the anime, for season two shall not come.

Sclero time 2!! (ÒuÓ)/

When someone catches me doing something stupid - Ouran Koukou Host Club ~ DarksideAnime

Ouran High School Host Club: Kyoya Hikaru: "Well now look at what the boss did now we have to run like hell so he doesn't kill us.

ouran high school host club motivational posters - Bing Images

Honey-senpai's Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Our favorite littlest host.Wallpaper and background photos of Honey! for fans of Ouran High School Host Club images.