It hurts so much that I can't breathe. And I am about to give up... I am just not good enough...

If it hurts too much if u can't take it then there is always a way, a way to nullify contracts n forge new ones , but I m not worth it too by now :) being realistic


Show your fun side and help raise awareness for the seriousness of your disabling chronic condition with this "a nap is only nice when it's a luxury, not a necessity" design.

Chronic migraine patients tend to minimize their pain to try to seem as "normal" as possible... Yes I do!

We try to seem as “normal” as possible

Chronic Pain patients tend to minimize their pain. pain *i don't really care about seeming normal. i just don't want my family to know how bad it is, because there is nothing they can do. no reason to make them feel bad too.

Always hoping tomorrow will be a better day but the pain never gives me a break

Nobody wants a migraine – that throbbing head, the vision problems, sickness, and fatigue. Fortunately, migraine prevention is often possible with some clever strategies.

So very true Nobody really wants to know the truth of it

More than of those with chronic invisible illnesses downplay their true feelings to make other feel more at ease. I'm fine.