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Sukeban girl gang

Sukeban ( スケバン ) refers to delinquent girl gangs or more correctly the boss girl in a gang. Sukeban first appeared in Japan during the as a female equivalent to the male.

yanki, motorcycle gang

Bōsōzoku generally consists of drop outs highschool girls joining japanese motorcycle gangs .They can be seen wearing pilot jumpsuits and kamikaze headbands , they usually decorate their motorcyles with battle flags .

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Backstory: One of Maisie and Kei's awkward family pictures. Don't ask for context. They have no idea either.

sukeban subculture - Google Search

) means delinquent girl or boss girl in Japanese, equivalent to the male banchō. A dictionary of Japanese slang says that sukeban only refers to the leader of a girl gang, not any member of the girl gang.

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Niki Taylor Vogue UK circa 1992

Feminize an edgy outfit with a ladylike scarf tied around the neck. via // Niki Taylor for Vogue UK, 1992

阿岩定制 卒業不良刺繡制服 日本正統制服 暴走族特攻服不良長裙-淘寶台灣,萬能的淘寶

阿岩定制 卒業不良刺繡制服 日本正統制服 暴走族特攻服不良長裙-淘寶台灣,萬能的淘寶