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And don't think the Jesus of the New Testament somehow discounts what happened in the OT.  After all, God is Jesus and Jesus is God, correct?

I love a well articulated rant. This is Donald Trumps god. In fact, he may be the second coming of this god.

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Atheism is epistemologically synonymous with Religious Belief. It, just as Religious Belief, is the arrogant antithesis of agnostic humility.

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It is radical religion (not atheism) that inspires mankind's most-ungodliest-acts.

Best of all science knows it is not “the” answer and all is open to continuing revision, contrary to Bible based evangelical tripe that is accepted as God’s word (and Jesus’). God is more likely to be found in what we see through science than rewritten, oft translated, and interpreted gospels and Christian apologists. No other religion even has apologists.

johnnymanc: Science is indeed a threat to religion, not because it’s a different kind of faith, but because it negates the need for faith. Watch the New Atheist Survival Guide

Quotes by George Carlin.   Probably one of the best comedians ever to fuck with this planet

Laugh Out Loud Quotes by George Carlin. Hysterically funny, George cut through to the heart of every subject and found the humor in it. He was brilliant and fearless. The best comedian ever to mess with our heads. I miss you, George.

Falsely accusing someone of rape for personal gain should be punished as harsh as actually committing the crime.

Falsely accusing someone of rape for personal gain should be punished as harsh as actually committing the crime.

Why real cases get ignored, downplayed, dismissed. Punishment should be decided by actual rape victims?

I don't belong to any religion, but I do get this  - believers don't want to face their own abuses, only the abuses of others.

Religion offends me but they won't shut up about it--so why the feck should I?

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Christianity is the fulfillment and realization of all mythological religions, it is the myth that became fact!

Sinai Bible:  Mormon no more. LDS no more. Quotes. Scripture study.

This change was actually a political decision made in when Charlemagne decided to make Christianity the official religion of Europe to help consolidate his rule.

Women should be praised for all they go through. You were made by a woman, why are you oppressing her? Without her YOU would be nothing. Learn to respect.

Misogyny and The bible - Women should be the first to quit christianity

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Know your god history.most of the stories in the Bible came from the Egyptians and the Romans. And those stories were plagerized from the Sumerians

All of this is happening as we speak and gathering strength like an avalanche heading downhill. But we still have a small window of opportunity to change it. Wake up before it's too late. LSDuBois

Does any of this sound familliar? We're coming out of the worst recession in 50 years, and what are the republicans proposing? Bills that attack human rights, blatant racial blaming, attacks on womens rights .

I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist. I'm not a Slavs to a world that doesn't give a shit.

I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist. I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit (Marilyn Manson: The Fight Song).

The Shitiest HiStory Ever Stoled!

The Shitiest HiStory Ever Stoled!